Monday, February 13, 2012

in my juice...

 I always hear that the American diet does not include enough veggies. So as of the new year the family has been adding veggie juice to our diets. These are the veggies that I have been juicing daily if I can. Sometimes I add fresh organic ginger to this or tomatoes. Today I added an apple. I always feel really good after I drink this..I think it's more of a mental thing.. but it gives me a healthy attitude I suppose. I only use organically grown veggies btw. mmmm
I am still playing around with felt. This flower was very fast and easy to make. I used 3 shades of blue. I was thinking of making a pin or a necklace out of them. They would make a really fast cute last minute gift I'm thinking.

 Here is a finished picture of my reading in bed shrug. I am really pleased with the outcome and it only took me 3 days from start to finish. Living in Florida makes this shrug worth making over and over in different colors. It's perfect over sleeveless tops for work.
 OK... The month of February seems to be the month of mishaps for me. At the end of the month we are going to a wedding and I wanted to wait to dye my hair. I actually want to stop dying my hair but that will have to be another time. To make a long story short.. this is now the second time that I dyed my hair and I used Loreal sublime Mousse. The idea is good and I think it would work really well if you have short hair, but on longer hair it is very hard to get even coverage as the mousse is so light and airy. I actually made a bigger mess than I usually do. The other issue I had was.. the color on the box is not what you get at all. I now have almost black hair.. which is rather scary to look at.. sigh. Now I will have to live with it. Hopefully it will fade out a little. I really thought this color would be much lighter than a black. The name of it is Iced brown.. hummm. (Editing this.. even though the color is close to black, my hair is super shiny.. almost as shiny as when I was a child. So there is a plus to this story and if it wasn't for the color the product result is beautiful)  This is just one of my many mishaps ... that I don't feel like repeating to even myself..!!

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Bonnie said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your hair dye mishap, but that little shrug is lovely! I could see making it in lots of different colors, for every outfit. :-)