Monday, March 19, 2012


music to knit by..

 As you can see not much progress from the other day. I worked a little on the baby socks and did only one row of my shawl. Work and hanging out with man for an afternoon is to blame I guess. Today I have a day off and have been mostly spring cleaning again. Finally I got to sit down and have been checking out blogs and such that I haven't gotten to look at in a while. Here are just two that are so inspiring and beautiful. Take a look. Blue Peninsula is one of my favorite blogs to visit. She always creates such visually beautiful items. PoppyTalk is one of the newer blogs I discovered. Everyday there are wonderfully inspiring projects of all kinds. Thank you both for sharing with us all.

In my endeavor to clean out old clothes and shoes and just stuff... I tend to hang on to stuff for a very long time even though I know I will never wear them or use them again. It seems I do this when there are fond memories attached to them. I finally gave in and decided to get rid of my morbid boots. Can you believe I used to wear these ( I'm under 5ft. tall hehe).. I loved these boots when the man and I used to go clubing back in the day... but now they are just taking up room in the closest. What made it easier for my to finally part with them is that they are so old that the material split when I tried them on one last time before saying goodbye. So goodbye funky red patented leather boots.. On a good note.. I now have room in my closet for new shoes that I can use. (^_^)


Bonnie said...

Those are such cool boots! So sad to say goodbye to them. But like you say, it creates room for something new ... not hard to do, given where you work, ha ha.

Thanks for linking to my blog. I will wave towards Kissimmee as I fly over (my Mom's in Boca now).

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

OO Thanks Bonnie. Well I will miss your little visits. Hope your mom is well. Say hello for me. (^_^)