Wednesday, March 07, 2012

a new project

 Little by little I have been updating my makeup. It helps having a  daughter that is knowledgeable about these things and gives me suggestion on what she finds to be good. I recently bought new makeup but had older powder and this rice powder is supposed to set your foundation really well without adding a color and I just love tinted lip balm. This one is a natural creamy color and has some soothing herbs. I'm all for natural light colors. 
As you can see below I finally decided on a new project. It took me two days to decide. I'm knitting the Seascape stole found here. I usually only use my better yarn for shawls because of the time and work that is put into them but I just love the look of some of the shawls knit with this yarn. I had intended to use this yarn on the knitting machine but I wanted this shawl and there are some stitch combinations that would make it difficult on the machine. So.. I'm knitting it by hand. When I knit lace I like it very light and airy so I usually go up a needle size or two. I went up to a size 6 and I'm hoping the knitting doesn't look too dense. The little bit of halo the yarn has it filling up the holes but I will continue knitting.
 Just thought I would throw this picture in.. I saw this on the way to work the other day..

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