Thursday, June 14, 2012

a crafting day...

 Today I had off and declared it a crafting day. I started off with applying mod podge to some little wood plaques and small canvases that I picked up the other night at Walmart after work. I had limited funds for this project and went shopping late last night after work. So I coated each canvas and wood plaque with a good coat of mod podge and carefully applied the pictures face down onto both canvas and wood. I smoothed out each to make sure there were no bubble and the entire surface was adhered to the surface. These have to dry for a few hours so it was on to a different project. 
Next on the list was to finish up the memory wire bracelets that I had started the other day. I was making them before work and didn't like the purple one so restrung that one adding some different bead and stones to the ones I had before. These take quite a while to finish for some reason.  I must be a slow beader.
 Back to the photos. Later in the day some time after 5pm I started removing the paper from the photos.. Ok this also takes quite awhile. At first I was using my fingers as I had seen in some of the videos but then decided to try a wet wash cloth very gently and it seemed to work better. They still need a little paint and some varnish or sealer and I was thinking of using a heavy velvet ribbon to hang them. I will see not sure how I will finish them.
 It's always nice to see the fake arm modeling the bracelets .. hehe.
 I took this picture right after work in the parking lot. The daily rain was about to start. I did make it home before it started.. (^_^)

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