Thursday, June 07, 2012

the sock saga...

 So as you can see in between resting I have been knitting. I hope to finish off the second part of the boomerang heal today and will probably watch some Kdrama while I am doing that. Then I will be on the home stretch. I really like these socks and love the color changes but I think I'm ready to start knitting something else. I have been going through all the patterns I have on my queue looking for the perfect thing to knit next. I don't even need to buy yarn because I have yarn and patterns in zip lock bags ready to go. Some even have the needles included. 

 The good news today is that my pain and prickly feelings are fading and blisters are finally drying and I feel a lot better.  Yesterday and today I got ambitious and made some juice. This is what is in my juice today.
 This morning it rained really hard and there was so much thunder and lightning and now it has been cloudy all day. That set the mood for a quiet and slow kind of day. The little ones playing and resting... just chillin..

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