Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the cutest!!

 The same day I finished my Burning stripe sock I started these super cute penguin socks. A couple of years ago I saw this book at the book store and fell in love with it and kind of forgot about it for awhile until I saw it again on sale and purchases it immediately. Knitted socks by Anna Tillman. My friend invited me to the Four Purls knit shop the week after... I picked up some pretty sock yarn and couldn't wait to start. These socks are knit on straight needles up to the heal and then they are knit in the round. I am at a stopping point on the first sock and I'm starting the second sock and knitting up to the same point where I plan to knit them at the same time from heal to toe. Did I say these are fun to knit.. 
Working at a shoes store can get you into trouble. These super cute little flats were 40% off so I couldn't resist the cuteness. They feel like I'm wearing slippers. I got a half size bigger and I'm going to put padded inserts in them which will make them super comfy.

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