Thursday, October 04, 2012

all my wips...

I know it has been quite awhile. Lots of personal stuff going on in my life and I'm trying to adjust. I have also been working on some designs for my etsy shop and I get very single minded when I do that. I had actually thought I blogged more recently.
Here are all of my wips that I am working on, sort of in a round robin style. Sometimes I will pick one project and work on that for a day or sometimes I will knit a little on each one.  First is my Holden shawlette. I have finished one repeat of the lace edging. The shawl looks nothing like I thought it would. I had pictured all the stripes being dark and not fading into a very light beige which now blends into the border. It looks like a summer shawl and I could never wear a shawl here in the summer haha.
 Next are a pair of socks that are part of my holiday knitting list. I only work a row here and there but they are actually growing,  very slowly. I'm about half way to the heal which isn't bad considering the amount of time I spend on them.
 This scarf was an experiment. I tried knitting this on the knitting machine. I did a couple of mistakes and have frogged it and will try it again. I used every loop on the yarn instead of every other loop as I did when I hand knitted a similar scarf, plus I casted on too many stitches. So I will try this again with less stitches and picking up every other loop and see how that works.
 Here is simple sprinkle #2. This one is on size 8 needles instead of size 9's and a little bit smaller than my first one, but it is very soft and stretchy. For some reason the colors always look better when I pick them out.
 This project is hopefully going to become a beautiful sweater called Yuuret (roots). I loved the pattern the first time I saw it on ravelry, but it is a bit challenging and requires all of my attention. I was really excited to start it and basically that is where I'm at the moment and haven't worked on it since. So far I cast on and knit the cable neck and set up for the front, back, and sleeves. I think I will work on it more when I complete one other project. I love this yarn too.. Berroco Remix.

It is always exciting to meet people in person that you have met  online through ravelry or blogs. This week I was able to meet Jackie who came and  knitted with my knitting group on Tuesday evening. It was a pleasure to meet her and see all of her knitting projects in person.
 Well I'm about to run to Disney in between the rain.. happy knitting until the next time.

Wow! Don't ever blog in a hurry... sorry if you read this yesterday I have looked it over and fixed all the bloopers..  >.< 10/5/12


Bonnie said...

All your WIPs are pretty, especially the Holden shawl. I love how the stripes fade into the lace.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Thank you Bonnie.. I'm knitting my fingers off haha

Jackie said...

It was fun meeting you too! I loved the group and I am very impressed with your knitting and designing. What a talent girl!!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Thank you Jackie. We loved having you knit with us and look forward to your next visit. (^_^)