Wednesday, October 17, 2012

holiday knitting ahoy!!!

 I just ordered these new labels for my etsy shop. I still need to sew them onto my projects and take some pretty pictures before I list the items. I'm excited about that. I just have to find the time and energy. Lately I come home after work and zone out and knit on projects.
This lovely afghan is being knit by one of the wonderful ladies I knit with on Tuesday night. I think it's awesome, vibrant and very autumn.
 What am I knitting? Here are four projects out of seven on the needles right now all in various stages of completion. I'm actually in the process of binding off the Holden shawlette which is taking really long for some reason. Maybe because of the picot bind off. It's not hard just time consuming.
 This is Abby's sweater. The Fabled cardigan from interweave knits. This is working up very fast and I added quite a few inches to it last night at my knitting group. Needles were just flying there last night. She requested a pink sweater with a blue heart. I will probably use the lighter blue for the heart. I love the construction of this sweater, top down, all in one piece, circular sleeves, pretty cables. I would like one in my size!!
 The Holden shawlette... Yay I pasted the half way mark on the picot bind off.
 I have only added a few sections to Simple Sprinkle #2,  but this is a fast knit and I work on it here and there.
 These socks are growing a few rows a day. There is only a little more than an inch to knit before I start the heals. This was a quick update. Back to knitting and hopefully getting some of these finished!


Jackie said...

Love it! Alot on the needle, my kind of knitting.

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