Saturday, October 06, 2012

once again...

 I gave this another try on the knitting machine and it did work out except that this has a right and wrong side. As you wear it though, it doesn't seem to show.
What I did:Used my Singer 155 bulky knitting machine. Cast on only 7 stitches using every other loop of the yarn. Manually hung every other loop onto the needles and pushed my needles back and then forward again by hand and repeated this until there was just enough yarn left to bind off. I slid the stitches onto a knitting needle and cast off by hand.

 While I was at it I wanted to see if this yarn could be also knit on the machine and it can. Again I am knitting it all manually by pushing all the needles forward picking up every loop, hanging it on the needles and pushing the needles back. I have not used a weight on this but just push the knitting back under the needles and then holding the knitting back as I push the needles back 3 at a time. Even though it is a little tedious it goes a lot faster than the hand knit version. I will post a picture when it is complete.

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Heather x said...

Awesome! I thought it was only me who was crazy enough to use this on the machine :)
I just made daughter a dress using it

*hugs* Heather x