Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hold everything... I'm knitting for baby!!

 Whats on and off the needles today?.... Some quickie baby items. I whipped up the blanket this morning on the knitting machine and now I have to crochet the edgings. Hopefully that will not take me long.. this all has to be finished by this Saturday. Below is a little baby sacque I'm also trying to get finished. I'll see how much I can get finished tonight after work. Somehow I want to use the mesh yarn as a ruffle edging. I hope it works. The colors are purples and silver and I'm pleased that the blanket came out good. The yarns were two different weights. Yay for Joann fabric coupons. They took four coupons which saved me $13. Got to love that. 
 My wonderful daughter agree with much persuasion to model my scarves for me. You will now find these on my etsy shop.

Ok .. she is like.. how much longer!! Thank you Brit!!

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