Monday, November 26, 2012

So busy!!

Wow it has been quite awhile since I last blogged. And it seems I have run out of picture storage on google. What to do!. Well I can still blog and post pictures else where and just provide a link. I really do not feel like paying monthly to blog. Anyway I have been working on more chunky scarf/cowls for my etsy shop and all my holiday knitting projects. Lots of family birthdays in November. Jayden turned six today and Micah will be two in 6 days. I survived black Friday. I worked and only went into one shop after work for birthday presents for the kiddies. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving. My son in law did all the cooking. It was just family and very quite, except of course the little ones running around.
My knitting group Christmas party is coming up, so I'm busy planning some fun games for the evening last minute gifts.
I will try to blog again soon and work out my picture issue. Until then.. the needles will be flying.


TracyKM said...

In the "Known Issues" section of Blogger's help pages there was a blub that some members got this photo limit reached message in error. Maybe you were one of them?
There is trouble posting pictures right now, you either have to use the Html option for the pictures, but you can use compose for the text, or you can store them on Flicker (or picasa) and "grab the HTML" so you don't have to do the link thing :)

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Thank you TracyKM. I will try again to grab the HTML. It wasn't letting me do that. It kept saying they couldn't read it.