Wednesday, February 06, 2013

on and off the needles..

The little woodsy association mitts are finished except that I need to make the badger paw and find little rings to attach them to the mitts. They are super cute and I love them and have worn them already. They are just perfect for a cooler Florida evening.
 I finally finished my mulitdirectional scarf. The Malabrigo yarn is very soft. Then of course on to other projects. I get these ideas in my head and have to act upon it right away. I saw a picture of a quilt and thought that could be done with yarn so I ran to the store with a few dollars and picked up my first ever supersaver yarn and whipped up a quick little blanket on the knitting machine. As of now I am adding two rows of double crochet to the edges and plan to duplicate stitch and embroider the rest on to the blanket. I used a loose tension and it helped to make the yarn a bit softer.

Like everyone else I had been sick what seemed like forever.. took a couple days off from work after a trip to the er..Then went straight into a 7 day work week and yesterday was my first day off... yay... worked on all of my knitting projects and went to my knitting group last night... so....
 Here is the progress on my little Lace cable shrug. I'm working the sleeves flat two at a time. The fronts and back are finished. There is a long story connected to this shrug and I will get into it next time. There is a yarn issue. Getting in a few more rows before work. (^_^)


Wanderingcatstudio said...

Your mitts are so cute!

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