Sunday, October 13, 2013

after two cups of coffee....

Every day I need at least two cups of coffee to have any energy to do all the things I need to do here. Everyone seems to drink lots of coffee all day at work too.
  This beautiful scene was taken on my way to work walking over the over pass. Washington State is very beautiful. 
I love the beautiful colors of autumn. They are actually more brilliant in real life. My phone dulls the colors. I had to walk to a different bus stop yesterday because the bus driver didn't stop. The area I walked to was really pretty.
 This cowl is so fun to make and super fast. It looks like a ring of pompoms when you wear it. It's pretty warm too. I just have to tuck in the ends.
 Some other projects I finished in the last 10 days. My fair isle hat. I use Lion Brand Amazing for this. It is actually very soft but you have no control as to where the colors are going to end up. I thought the center would be a pretty blue, but blue ended up in the left over ball so I'm not crazy about the color combo... yellow, pink and red... blek
 This side came out a little better as far as the colors.
 Progress on my crayon shawl. I only work on this on the bus ride to work and in the break room. It's slowly... very slowly growing. (lots of crumbs on the break room table).

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