Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Settling in...

 Finally blogging on my computer instead of my phone. It took a while between work and moving to get everything set up. This is where I sit and eat now. A lot different than Florida but it is nice and cozy. There are pretty condos across the street with nice land scaping to look at.
 Knitting progress.. I'm slowly making progress on my crayon shawl. I work on this on the bus to and from work. I probably  do a couple of rows a day right now... but it is growing. Below is a hat that I had to whip up because it got pretty cold pretty fast. For me at least it's cold. I have to wait for the bus in the early mornings and after dark sometimes and it went into 40's which starts to feel bitter when you are just standing there. Any way it is perfect and I have worn it already and it keeps my little head warm. When I finish the crayon shawl, I will have a nice warm matching set.
 Another hat for the colder weather. I was hoping to whip this one out in a few days... but it looks like it is going to take me a lot longer than that to finish. Knitting at night seems to cause mistakes. I had to rip out the same 4 rows 3 times...and for the same reason. I missed a stitch somehow and it was just sitting there and I knit over it and the pattern got messed up and that is how I noticed it. So I ripped it out to the dropped stitch and repeated this whole process 2 more times. Sigh. Well now I am being very careful and rechecking my knitting every 20 stitches or so. I'm using Wool Ease and Amazing, both Lion Brand yarns, stuff I had in my stash.
Autumn in this area is really nice. This pretty display is in the entrance at wholefoods. They put a lot of work setting them up and changing them, very often too.
 A day off spent painting with the boy.

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