Friday, October 18, 2013

The scenic route...

 Autumn is beautiful in Washington state. It was worth taking a very long scenic route to the grocery store. The weather is cool and sunny, sometimes chilly. Everything on the way was so pretty. One of the houses we walked past had a lavender hedge. It smelled so good. 
 There are a lot of pine trees here and when they drop needles the ground ends up looking like this. So pretty! I don't think I have ever seen mushrooms that looked like these. They look like they have little feathers.

I can't believe the brilliance of  color of the leaves. It is all so beautiful. It makes me not mine all the walking I do to get to work. The red trees are right across the street from my apartment but the yellow are at one of the bus stops I wait at for a transfer.
 And yes.. I am knitting. This is  a hat from left over yarn for my son. It sort of reminds me of the colors of the picture above it. Yellow trees, gray road, shades of brown.

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