Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Knitting continued....

I started the second ball of yarn and there was a break in the pattern for about and inch. I ripped back and had to cut off about 3 1/2 yards of yarn. I spit joined the ends and it seems like it is ok. I'll have to knit a few more inches to see if it worked. This part will be at the back of the neck and not so noticeable but I still want it look continuous.  (this picture is upside down btw)
Here is the finished hat and scarf. I think Abby will look so cute in this.
The other day we went to the beach just to collect some shells to display on the little black IKEA table we have in the living room. We were successful. I think if we had gotten there earlier we could have gotten some larger ones. I saw some people walking by with beautiful large shells. Oh well next time.
  I think even with wet suits on they were cold. The icy water is still touching their hands and faces. My face and fingers were cold from the air.
Lately I have been obsessed with beaches. I love all the mysterious plants and creatures that live in the ocean. I think it all so beautiful.
So many pretty ocean rocks.. all rounded and smooth.

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