Saturday, November 09, 2013

Little things..

 I finally started a little Christmas knitting. I'm way behind this year. I actually do not think I will have more than a few little items knit to give for presents. The hat above was requested by my granddaughter. She wants a pink hat with kitty ears. I'm planning to put pom pom in the ears. I'm knitting a plain little scarf to match in a different yarn and I'm going to use that yarn for the pom poms. 
I did make myself a few items to wear in the cold weather here. These gloves were really easy and simple to knit and are very comfy and warm.
 In this picture are two cowls, one knit, one crochet, and a hat all out of the same yarn. I washed every thing and they are drying. They yarn got really soft after I washed it. OOO the name of the yarn is Patons Colorwul. It was very fun to knit with and very fast.
 There was actually a sun set here the other day. It's pretty rare because there isn't that much sun. It made me fell like I was back in Florida.
On my daily walk to work there is always something beautiful to look at. A good way to start the day.
 More of the same sun set.
 My little fellows back in Florida. I miss them..

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