Sunday, November 03, 2013

this weeks knitting..

 These items will eventually be a set. I bought that crazy yarn for the cowl at Joann's Crafts and I knit it up in a evening when my son came to visit. The yarn is called Fizzle. The mitts are the lenticular mitts pattern from ravelry. The pattern for the cowl is on the label of the yarn.
 My niece came over and we had a painting day on our day off. She has never painted a picture before and had an idea. We didn't get to finish because my son cooked some yummy chicken and veggies and then it got late and she had to go home. She wanted to paint her little hamster standing on a chair looking at map and wearing armor. hehe. She got the base part of her painting finished. I was painting a picture of the ocean from a picture I took when I was on vacation in the Cayman Islands. It was going good until I splatter water on it. Maybe today I will work on it and finish it and fix the water spots.
 I finished this warm chunky cowl this week. The yarn is Paton's Colorwul. I made it to match the hat I made out of the same yarn. The pattern is the Big Cloud Cowl and can be found here. It was a very fast project. I changed it a little. I worked two double crochet in between the clusters. It was too bulky working just clusters on one row and was eating up all the yarn.
 Here are my projects on the needles right now. I'm working on a scarf for my son, fingerless mitts for me and I stared a pink earflap hat for my granddaughter which I will add kitty ears to and pom-poms. 
 This is what I see every morning as I wait for the bus to go to work. The highlight of my day. Soon there will be no more colorful leaves to look at. They seem to get brighter every day.
 This picture was taken yesterday on my way home. There was a gale warning all day and lots of rain. People lost power all day and came out shopping so it was a pretty busy day at work. We had lost power for only 10 minutes when I was getting ready for work so we were lucky. Today I'm just hanging out with my son, knitting, gaming and maybe painting. (^_^)

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