Saturday, July 15, 2006

aNoTHer BaBy bLanKeT...(^_^)

Yay!!! another blanket finished... I'm going to make this part of a set with booties and a hat..which is being worked on as i type.. i cheated on this blanket also.. 0.0... the blanket was knit on my machine and the crochet edging added after... here is a close up of the edging pattern.

If u want to make this blanket .. it can be knit by hand... here is the pattern..

Yarn- 2 skeins of simply soft (for a one color blanket)+ any other worsted weight yarn for trims in different colors (some times i use cotton for the edging for some texture)
I'm guessing around a size 9 needle
gauge 16 sts = 4"..(thats aprox)

cast on 100 sts.. knit in st. st. for 155 - 180 rows.. or your desired length..cast off
(that part is easy) u can knit as many stripes as u like or use only 3 colors and make 3 big stripes of equal llength or just make it one color..

To start the crochet border u need to make one row of single crochet evenly around the blanket edge.. one single crochet in each stitch along the top and bottom of the blanket and on the sides i made a single crochet in each of the next 2 row ends.. then missed one row and repeated that along both sides making 3 sc in each corner.
at this point i picked an edging from a stitch dictionary that i liked..I will give u directions for the easiest one..

with the same color as your foundation row of sc... (hoping that u are at the corner)
Chain 6 *skip 1 sc, sc in next st, chair 4* repeat pattern until u reach the next corner, chain 6 and repeat the pattern again until u have gone all around the blanket.. slip st in the bottom of first chain..change color by not completing the slip stitch and pulling new color thru as your ending of the slip st..

Next row.. chain 6,* sc in next chain 4 loop, chain 4* repeat this around chaining 6 in each corner for as many rows as u would like to add..
For the solid blanket I made some easy flowers each from a different yarn and sewed them in place.

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