Wednesday, July 26, 2006

kNit On!!

I'm working on the boarder now of the pinwheel baby sweater... at first when i read the directions.. i thought "no way!!" but decided to try it.. at this point there should be 224 stitches on your needle.. (0.0).. so 3 stitches at a time are worked in an I-cord for 6 rows.. then knit together with 3 stitches from your left hand needle from the sweater.. then u repeat it all the way around...

Picture 1... 3 stitches on a dbl needle..

picture 2... knit 6 rows of I-cord on 3 stitches

picture 3.. line up the 3 stitches from the I-cord with the next 3 stitches from your sweater

picture 4... knit 3 I-cord stitches together with the next 3 stitchs from the sweater.. 3 stitches will again be on the dbl needle.. repeat all the way around..

This is a bit time
consuming but I think it's worth the effort...I was debating on adding a crochet edging at first but there isn't a lot of yarn left in this color.. so it might not have made it to the end.. I have about 1/4 of the edging left to finish and very little yarn.. I'm hoping to be able to finish.. without having to order another ball of yarn..

Eve needs help...!!! She can't decide what to knit with
5 balls of the SOFTEST 100% alpaca..I touched this yarn last night at our KYGK group.. and it is the SOFTEST!!!
Well.. these 2 patterns came to mind.. Ms. Marigold and The Isabeau Shrug
that was my 2 cents worth of suggestions... I think either would work up fabulous in her beautiful yarn....
I had fun at the meeting last night... lots of chit chat... lots of projects flying on the to browse through more knitting books...and little Emily was in precious.. the youngest member of KYGK (^_^)


Eve said...

I just ordered Ms. Marigold and will cast on for it asap!!!! Such a cute pattern!!! And you can make it a normal tank too, but I really like the ruffled sleeves!
Thanks for the inspiration!

Karen Burns said...

Lovely idea not only for baby items. An interesting border for a scaf. Thanks a lot.
Karen Burns