Saturday, July 22, 2006

wHo kNeW!!!

Who knewI was going to be so addicted to knitting this sweater !!.. I can't stop... as u can see I'm up to the provisional cast on for the sleeves...(all sleeve sts. on a st. holder...saving these sts to make the sleeves later) I also changed my color set up.. using the darkest shades in the center fading to the lightest for the border.. I really like this yarn btw..very soft and not itchy at's very nice to knit with... so far im very pleased with this project.. (hope i dont jinx myself.. 0.0...)

Here is a picture of the sleeve set up... and now I'm knitting away on my 5th color moving towards the garter st. part of the boarder. I'm definately going to have a lot of yarn left over..especially for the colors used in the center part of the sweater. I could make another sweater with the left overs by just buying more yarn for the sleeves and reversing the color set up... hummmm...

This is what the sweater should look like when it's done.. so cute for a little girl..!!!

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Jerry Tjiputra said...

Wow, you are on the sleeves already?
You are so fast!
Maybe you can buy more yarn, and making a matching sweater for you.