Friday, July 07, 2006


Tell me this isn't wierd (and kind of awkward to knit)....I have a very old pattern for socks that my mom gave me and the heal is done this way... i never attempted to make them...these are made by knitting the sock in a tube and knitting in a piece of waste yarn where the heal should be... finishing the sock.. then removing the piece of yarn and picking up the stitchs to knit in the round.. then completing the heal.. maybe it would be less awkward if it wasn't a baby size sock..i really need to go and buy some shorter double pointed needles for these..

this is how the adult size sock is done... something like this is also used to replace a worn heal.. I guess u REALLY have to love your socks to do this..
soon to follow completed baby socks and more stuff.... (^_^)

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