Friday, November 16, 2007

I completed my ducky buddy bag.. the beak and wings of the ducky are crochet and the pool pocket ( I hope it looks like water) was made with a tunisian crochet wave stitch...I haven't done tunisian crochet in years and I never really liked it.. but that little pocket was fun to make.. I'll have to look into some more tunisian crochet projects for the future... anyway I'm pleased with how the bag turned out...this bag is for a little girl..(Abby likes duckys) I was thinking of a little frog for a little boy too.. these bags are so fun to make.. the basic pattern is from annypurls.

More little people socks.. these will be my carry-a-round projects for awhile. They fit very nice and will keep little toes warm this's been chilly in the evenings here.

This is the beginning of my second two-ton shrug from fitted knits. I'm using King Tut 100% cotton yarn. I like the way it's knitting up... soft.. stretchy.. smooth.. shinny.. hehe


Alice said...

Your bag turned out so cute! The pocket definitely looks like water to me :)

Cindiluhu said...

That is so cute!