Tuesday, November 20, 2007

is it a wEED.......

What could that big weed be on the side of my house.. I've been looking at it everyday for a few months when I walk the dog.. humm..

OMG...what is that!!...It seems that all those watermelon seeds we spit into bushes grew.. and now the "weed" looking plant that is enormous .. is full just full of beautiful watermelons at all different stages of growth..The plant has taken over and wrapped itself around all the surrounding bushes and tree. yummm..

Here is the two-tone shrug that I finished a week or so ago.. I'm pleased with how it came out.. it looked really small when it was finished but it has a lot of stretch and actually fit it's comfy too...I like it so much I'm making another one in King Tut 100% cotton. I bought the yarn on sale a while back at AC Moore.. had I known that it knit up so silky and soft I would have stocked up.

Another buddy bag in the works.. I'm going to make the little beary one this time..I cheated again and did the bag on the knitting machine. I timed it and it took an hour and 10 minutes to complete the bag and i-cord. I just have to sew them together and knit the little bear and sail boat. I love these bags.. did I tell you that??!!

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