Monday, November 12, 2007

it's HenRy!!

Meet Henry the snowman.. he's all ready for the winter season with his little red and white cap.. he started out as some knit hacky sack toys.. that just didn't do it for me.. so I decided to sew them together.. and then they needed some eyes and a nose and some buttons an of course a little hat..oops some pipe cleaner arms too... and then.. he was Henry..

This is supposed to be a ducky in a pond... hum.. can u see it.. !!!.. my water kind of looks like an above group pool liner.. maybe it needs some pool side grass.. I used a tunisian wave pattern for the water.. the directions were a bit vague as far as how many chains per wave so I had to wing it... and I haven't done this type of crochet for many years.. but.. I found that is fun to do and very fast.. and would like to make more projects using tunisian stitches for maybe some borders and stuff.. fun fun..
I've casted on another two-tone shrug from fitted knits... this one in cotton.. more on that later.. busy busy busy.. so busy...


Lesley (Toque) said...

What an adorable snowman! I'm trying to get into learning how to make cutesy little knitted plushes, and I love yours :) I learned to sew before I learned to knit, so I'm used to making plushies out of felt and am trying to wrap my brain around knitting them instead. You've done a wonderful job, and I'm glad I've stumbled upon your blog! (I'm toque from craftster) - I added you to my blog, too :) I look forward to checking in and seeing all of your future amazing projects :)

Brena said...

Magic Pixie Knitter,

I miss you and love Henry.

Nicole the Knitting Goddess

Grace said...

Love the Buddy Bag! It's very very cute. I could totally tell that it was a duck in a pond!

Anny said...

Pond? I can totally see it ;0) Side grass would be great too. You could just do crochet embroidery for this. Really cute!