Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Remember this from the other day... I thought this was a watermelon.. well... it's not... it's some kind of squash .. I thought maybe spaghetti squash .. but when I looked up spaghetti squash online it was yellow not green.. and then I couldn't find any squash that resemble it at all.. are there any squash experts out there that could identify this squash??..

This is my attempt at a Christmas wreath.. it's a little unbalanced.. but not too bad.. kind of like me.. hehehe.... and yes I'm working on my highlands zip sweater.. I completed the back and I am casting on the front.. go go little fingers knit ahoy...!!!

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Pooch said...

Your wreath is beautiful! A looks balanced to me...but, I agree, alittle off-balance is fun!!