Tuesday, January 29, 2008

fiNisHed.. baBy..!!

OMG... I finished... all the finishing.. so much finishing!!! It took about 2 hours to weave in all the ends last night...we watched Wuthering Heights and it me took the entire movie to weave in the ends...but when I finished .. I had a feeling of accomplishment and some pretty fingerless gloves.

Jody has inspired me to finish spinning my sock yarn. She has been spinning some beautiful yarns.. and watching her gave me incentive to drag out my wheel and ply the 2 spools that I had already spun. It only took an evening... This yarn is definitely fingering weight. I have that small bit left to spin and as of now there is 188 yards. I don't think I can get a pair of short socks out of that.. there will probably be enough after I spin the rest of it... So as of now.. 1 project finished.. and quess what.. I'm casting on another one!!


Alice said...

Gorgeous mitts! I am sure the ends were a pain to weave in but the end result is so amazing :)

Ilix said...

They look great! Love the 2-ply too!