Wednesday, August 27, 2008

can U believe??

Can you believe that my razor cami is actually finished.!!! I finished the straps and tucked in the ends yesterday (more pictures coming soon)... and then........

I immediately started adding a crochet border to this machine knit blanket (pattern here) that I had already finished a while ago... I know a young girl that is having a baby very soon.. her due date is October 1st. She is not married and her bf said he didn't want anything to do with her now.. he said he would pay for child support at least.. so nice of him.. anyway she also lost her job when they found out she was expecting and I heard she is not having a baby shower.... so... I wanted to make a few items for her.. she knows she is having a little girl.. there are a few other patterns I have my eye on that are fast .. some booties and a little lacy hat..hopefully I will have a little extra cash to buy some diapers and a few other necessities when I finish the knitting.

omy ... how do they know how to do these things so young.. (^_^)

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Brena said...

Ooohhh your razor cami looks really cute! It reminds me of that striped gum... with a zebra? Juicy stripes or something like that.

Poor girl! What a difficult thing to go through.