Thursday, August 21, 2008

stress and worry

After finishing my Ravelympics project .. it's back to finishing projects that were on the needles. I was knitting these little angora booties and was at the half way finished point when I started my ravelympic project.. so I just wanted to finish them up and knew they would go fast.. these are knit with a small ball of angora hand spun.. that I spun just for them... I think I could have added a little more angora to the wool fleece.. but they still feel really soft and fluffy anyway.

Fay caused a lot of concern in the last few days... they kept emphasizing the fact that there was a great chance for tornadoes to develop in the red highlighted areas.. as you can see.. Kissimmee was also highlighted in red.. so in fear of flooding and other disasters I called out from work.. and sat at home with my hurricane supplies (you know the usual water, flashlights, candles, dry food snacks etc.) and watched the news.. I knitted most of the day.. and waited .. realized at 5pm that nothing really was going on and I could have gone to work.. and not missed a shift... I continued to watch the news... I finally fell asleep at like 2 am watching the news... kept waking up every time I heard the wind.. (nothing but wind) woke up real late the next day.. to nothing more than wind and rain.. a waisted day of stress and worry and a missed work day...

Here is what Fay looked like from my front door.. just some wind and rain..

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Bonnie said...

I'm glad it was just wind and rain and nothing worse!

The booties are sweet. They look incredibly soft.