Saturday, August 30, 2008

I'm so Rude!!

I'm still working on the same projects... a baby blanket .. a pair of booties and my icarus shawl.. actually I haven't touched my icarus shawl in a week or so...I really have no pictures today and it is raining an a little dark... I'll have to wait for another day for pictures. In the mean time.. I have been looking at some new patterns to put on my already very large knitting queue... well compared to some people my queue on ravelry is kind of small.. I have 127 items in my queue..It would probably take me 2 years to knit all that.. but it is doable... I notice some people on ravelry have gigantic queues.. I saw one with 4800+ items.. I can't see that I could ever knit all that in a lifetime.. heheh...I sometimes wonder who has the largest queue on ravelry.. and if they plan to someday knit all those items..
Anyway here are some new items I would like to knit..(not on my queue yet!!)... I love these leg warmers.. these are knit with sock yarn from lion brand.. there was another pair that I also liked that I had previously posted and they were knit with worsted weight yarn.. lion brand wool-ease to be exact.. those might be kind of heavy for florida even in would be the scarf from Tahki Stacy Charles,Inc. for the Loop-d-Loop fall winter.... and finally the little green sweater I found in the magazine Living Crafts.. I wanted to make that for Abby... so much knitting.. so little time..

A lot of changes at work lately... a new dress code will be implemented this monday which ment going out to buy new clothes last night... I really didn't have extra money for this but will not be able to work unless I show up properly dress.. khaki pants and black polo shirts with a new black half apron.. so starting this Monday all Michaels employees will be dressed like this... being rather petite... I went to 7 stores before we ended up in JCPenney juniors dept. where I finally found what I needed in sizes that actually fit...
Since I'm already talking about work.. I was a little rude to a customer the other day and I feel bad about it.. the words were out of my mouth before I had time to think or stop them.. well here is the story... this week Michaels has discounted some clearence merchandize to 90% off the orginal price.. pretty great when some decor items are now selling for $2 and less.. well.. we also had our croc look-a-likes in a big display for 90% off.. so they were selling for .79 cents.. all sizes.. let me tell you they were flying out of the store.. so anyway this customer comes to my register and she buy 2 pairs of croc look a likes for .79 cents each .. after the transaction was complete asked me what the orginal price of the shoes were.. so I told her $4.99 which I remember them selling for.. she then said ( and not too nicely)"well thats not 90% off" and .. here comes the rude part.. I asked her .. "your arguing when you just bought those for .79 cents?!".. she then turned stiff... gave me a nasty look and went straight to the front end supervisor and complained about me.... ooo well.. I guess I'm not perfect.. and in actuallity they were on sale for somewhere inbetween 85% and 90%.. who knows.. I just wouldn't have caused a fuss about something that was .79 cents.. and if I didn't have enough money to purchase an item.. well I just wouldn't buy them... but thats me..
The End...

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