Saturday, August 23, 2008

stoRm effEcts

This is the 3rd day in a row that I will try to finish my razor cami.. on the first of the 3 days... it seems there was more ripping back then knitting.. I would knit 5 rows.. see a funny looking stitch down below and undo a few stitches to see if I could fix it.. and would end up making it look worse.. so thenI would rip out what I had just knitted.. that went on throughout the day so by the end of the day I was actually on the same row as I had started out that morning.. On the second day of the 3 days.. there was more of the same ridiculous knitting and ripping of rows.. except that I had actually finished a few rows ahead of where I had started that day.. on day 3 of the 3 days ( which was yesterday).. I was determined to finish this razor cami... I did rip out what I had knit the day before but from that point on I actually stopped ripping so that last night.. I was above the arm holes and moving up the front.. Today I am starting in the middle of the front and have to finish the back and add staps.. I'm sure I will finish this by this evening... I'm sure!!

In the midst of all my knitting and ripping we were having the effects of Fay.. no major damage to my home this time.. a few minor leaks sprung yesterday.. the last few outer bands of the storm dropped quite a bit of water all at once to an already rain saturated ground...
Some other minor things occurred that were basically storm related as follows..
The lawn maintainance man couldn't mow the lawn Wednesday because of all the rain and in some places it is now almost 12" high and the ground is still very wet..
The garbage pick up was canceled for Tuesday because of the storm.. and I didn't put the garbage out yesterday because of the wind.. I'm sure it would have blown all over the neighborhood.. so now I have a garage full of garbage bags and have to wait for Tuesday pick up to come around again... ew
Then last night we sprung some leaks... one was on the carpet next to my computer and is a little damp today... and it doesn't smell very nice .. so today I'm going to shampoo the carpet and hope that it will dry ok..
Here are some pictures of my very lush high grass and my un-manicured front lawn.. and driveway in need of repairs.. (-.-);

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Peter L said...

Hey Cousin! Just thought I would stop by and see what's up with you. Glad Fay caused you no great damage. Your yard looks like mine did in May and June, when we had so much rain and I was so busy that I couldn't get to it for two weeks.

(BTW- I took your advice and added a couple of pics of my yard on my blog.)