Sunday, August 17, 2008

just the toes!!

Just the toes of these socks are left...and soon to be finished today... After 4 closing shifts in a row.. I'm moving slow today... but these WILL get finished..!!.. The air-conditioner is supposed to be fixed.. for the final time today.. there is a leak somewhere.. I don't know how hot its going to get in here during the process.. hopefully not very hot...If you have been watching the news.. there is the chance of a hurricane / tropical storm heading this way .. and we will start feeling the effects.. rain and wind starting Monday or Tuesday.. The second meeting of INOKissimmee is scheduled for this Tuesday.. if the weather is bad it is very unlikely that there will be a meeting... I'll send a notice out if that is the case.. Gratz to all you ravelympics medal winners..!!

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