Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The honeymoon was a success..they really enjoyed them selves and came home with lots of great pictures to remember it by..everything is kind of getting back to normal every day now... I worked some shifts at both of my jobs...Michaels and DSW..some how I'm trying to get enough hours from both jobs to equal almost full time.. hummm... if that is possible.. I had yesterday off in which I actually put in some knitting time.. I am now on row 94 of my hemlock ring blanket. It's really hard to see how big it is because it's all squished up on the needles.. and I'm not sure at this point how much bigger I should make it.. time to check out ravelry and see how many rows everyone completed.. what would we do without ravelry..!!

Since this is my knitting blog.. I like to post mostly knit related topics...but today I will deviate a little.. as some of you know I do have children of which I love very much and of course I'm very proud of... they are not doctors..lawyers or indian chiefs.. but I'm proud of each of them just for the people they have become.... so..
This is a picture of one of my sons at exciting... cuting through metal..

and more work..hum .. could that be NYC or some where..

OOO and a picture of my other son... lounging and enjoying a day in Seattle...(sure do wish I was there too!!)

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