Friday, October 31, 2008

more of the same..

Abby is modeling a hat her mom is knitting.. she's not using a pattern.. the yarn is some left overs that I had spun a few years back (merino/silk) held together with one strand of rowan's kid silk haze... it's so soft....

I'm an inch away from the armholes on my baby sleep sacque... I'm still feeling under the weather and have just been knitting and going to work and trying to make it through each day...
Maybe I'll watch some hulu halloween!!!
I've just about given up on deciding who is the better man for the job... maybe I'll go with Ralph Nader..!!

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natureboy said...

Oh, Adrienne,
Voting for Nader is like not voting at all. Just stay home. if you want to make a difference, then vote for Obama like you would have Jack Kennedy. Hope is all we have and Nader's cause lost our election to Bush for 8 years.
Brother Rich