Monday, October 13, 2008

round and round everything is round!!

I don't think that I ever posted a picture of my razor cami completed... probably because I never did get a good picture of it...This is about the best picture I have.. I was hoping to get some better ones... it never did happen so here it is..

It seems that everything I'm making right now is round.. and is knit or crocheted in a circle.. hummm... well here is the latest picture of the hemlock ring.... it's going very slowly and is now divided between 3 circular many needles !!! It's a good thing Michaels had a 50% off coupon... I might need at least one more before I finish.. what is one to do with 5 size 10 1/2 circular needles... 0.0....

I started a little girls crochet sweater called Circle in the Round.. hum.. I saw this on ravelry and needed a diversion from my hemlock ring.. I'm using sock yarn and a size E crochet hook .. which is rather hard to find for some reason (some how mine disapeared)... any way it's starting to get ruffly around the edges and I'm not sure it's supposed to do that..

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Craftlover said...

Wow, I like the hemlock ring as well, I was thinking to knit that last night, and then I saw your post with your unfinished one. :)
I am still thinking what yarn to choose from my stash for this project.