Thursday, October 09, 2008

OOO baby...

Yes.. here I am... babysitting a 22 month old.. he is so busy all the time... and his little motor just keeps on running and running.. on the other hand... my motor is all pooped out.. he also eats non stop..!!! Just keeping the food going is enough to poop you out.. OOO it's almost 1pm.. nap time!!!
I think I need a nap too..

There has been just a little progress on my hemlock ring throw.. just a little. I've reached row 80.. and I'm not sure how many rows I will do. At this point it's not very big... and since I have only worked on hemlock ring in the last few weeks with very little progress.. I'm getting the itch to make socks.. and my sock stash sitting right next to me in a little container... calling my name..I don't know if I can hold out.. 0.0

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