Monday, April 28, 2008

tHe WiNniNgs!!

All the winnings..!!!. I picked up all the items I had entered in the fair today... there was a mega line to wait on.. so many people picking up boxes and boxes of items of all kinds and only 3 ladies running to and fro trying to find everything.... well time for some tea after all that .. heheh

Sunday, April 27, 2008

no progressss

Did you ever have projects that just don't seem to want to get finished.. I work on both just about daily and neither seems to grow... and I think I will have to purchase one more ball of yarn for the crochet baby hoodied cape.. that thing just eats up the yarn like crazy!!

I started this yesterday and was so tired that I had to rip it out 3 times.. now it is finally right. I think this will work up pretty fast... well at least one project seems to actually grow..

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the Zetor scarf

It's finished and hot off the needles. I took this picture last night as soon as I finished knitting the last stitch... and here is the pre-blocked picture.. I had to decide whether or not to try and go for 7 pattern repeats of chart 2. There wasn't a lot of yarn left at that point and I didn't know how much yarn the increased size would use up... so I choose to do 6 repeats of chart 2 and to then start the edging chart 3... I had a bit of yarn left over and just continued for a few extra rows of the edging.

I just couldn't wait to block it .. at about midnight I was poking in the last pin.. so when I woke up this morning it was all dry and blocked..and...

so perfectly bright and pretty... I also want to make the MarioBeret to go with it.. I just have to find a good color match..

A little bit of news... KIP = knit in public day will be on June 14th, Saturday this year. If you don't have a place to sit out in public and knit yet.. Needlecraft world in Kissimmee is having their first knit in public day.. so if u live in this part of the world come out and join us.. I plan to be there with my many projects ..... Just a reminder.. there is a knitting group meeting there every Saturday night from 5pm to 9pm.. We will be starting a yahoo group as soon as we can decide on a good name..any suggestions ??.. (^_^)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

**aT thE FaiR **

NYGK had a demonstration day at the Central Florida fair Saturday.. Basically to inform and teach people about knitting.. It was a fun day of knitting , sharing and of course fair food and some activities. Group members displayed their lovely hand knit items and some of us entered our hand knits to be judged...

and yes there were many ribbons.. First place was a amazing beaded knit lace wedding dress.. Can you even imagine that. It also won best of show.. sigh.. I had one complaint though.. it wasn't displayed very well.. I never did get to see what it looked like.. just that it was lace and beaded and looked gorgeous. I won a second place ribbon for my mohair lace shawl. (^_^)

honorable mention for my composed mitts..

and a first place for my lace rainy day socks.

Megan won second for her R2D2 hat...there were many more.. way to go Florida knitters.. I found it hard to tell what items were in which categories as they were displayed so close together... but all in all it was a fun day at the fair..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

pRoJeCts AHOY!!!

Projects AHOY!!... my baby hooded cape is slowly growing... and I mean slowly..

I've been spending a little time on the Zetor scarf every day.. how can I not.. it's so fun.. all the colors!!!

2 smiley faces.. I mean feet.. I work on these in between the other 2 projects.. it's just straight knitting now to the toes... woo hoo.. I'm packing my knitting bag today and running over to the Central Florida Fair.. it's $1.00 day there today.. everything is a dollar. Can't beat that.. (^_^)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Creeping along on my Zetor scarf.. I think you can see all the colors of this yarn now.. I'm in the middle of repeat 4.. and other Zetor scarves that I have seen on ravelry made with this yarn are all 7 pattern repeats. It hasn't been blocked yet (of course) so it has the crunchy lace look.

I was looking through the latest issue of vogueknitting and saw these.. How great are those.. you can choose the point, length and end caps of these needles.. a bit pricey though but wouldn't it be nice to have one set in the size that you use for lace.. they have the pointiest points I have ever seen.. btw the price for this one would be $32.00.. sigh...
The other item I saw was the shawl pins.. I think that would be perfect for keeping a shawl draped just right in place. Some of the shawl pins are also a bit pricey..
Speaking of notions and things.. has anyone found the perfect knitting bag?... If you have drop me a line.. (^-^)

Friday, April 11, 2008

something new..

Some new projects I have started and one older that I'm working on..
First is another pair of socks... 2 at time.. these will be toe-less to be worn with flip flops.. here is the pattern I'm using and here is the yarn...

I just got this nifty little knitting bag just for my socks-on-the go projects.. it's just perfect..!!

A little lace progress here... I'm knitting the Zetor Scarf with my noro kureyon sock yarn... wooohoo... I'm loving the whole project and if I didn't have to eat or go to work I would work on it non stop all day every day... heheh

This project never seems to grow .. and yes I am working on it a little every day...(^_^)

Sunday, April 06, 2008

2 to go..

All finished.. a little weird.. but.. she likes them..its the after thought heal that gives them a strange look..but it was kind of fun to knit... this is a quick post.. I'm running out the door to go to work..hopefully it wont rain as hard as it did yesterday.. I got stuck in it on the way home and couldn't even see from rain and debris from blowing trees...

Friday, April 04, 2008

heal.. toe

Heal: Afterthought heals are weird.. different.. fun to make...they actually seem like a little more work to me..will I do it again.. yes..

TOE: Pointy toes.. well they don't look too bad.. I will cast on more stitches on the next sock.. although I don't like wide round toe socks either... some where in the middle is good..
all in all .. I like this sock..

Look who got a hair cut... do curls grow back?..

Thursday, April 03, 2008

what a meSs..

Sometimes I get myself into trouble working at Michaels.. All day I see beads and paints and yarn and pretty papers... and I get lured into thinking I can make stuff.. so anyway I saw some pretty beads and thought I could make something .. hehe.. and I did make a mess at first .. but little by little it came together.. and something that looked like 2 bracelets and necklace appeared.

Sock progress.. All that is left to knit is the second heal.. I had to rip the heal out once because it was too small.. I've never made a heal like this before .. so I ripped.. and added a little "plain knitting" before starting the decreases and it's better now and fits.... this is a very odd heal.. the decreases form a kind of swirl... but it looks alright on your foot... these are short ankle socks btw.

Here is a sneak peak at my shawl.. I'm so happy with how it came out.. its light as air... so soft and airy... I love it..!! better pictures of if soon.. (^_^)