Wednesday, July 08, 2009

all about shawls

Wow I haven't posted in 8 days. I really don't have anything new to show as far as progress on my wips so I'll show some past projects. Yes the shawls.. This is a little selection of shawls that I have made recently and not so recently. The shawl on the bottom of the pile is just a garter stitch shawl with a crochet edging. The next shawl I consider my first successful knit lace shawl which is a diamond pattern rectangle. The brownish shawl was the first lace shawl I knit that was semi successful.. there are a few mistakes that I just couldn't fix but wanted to complete it and mohair is just about impossible to rip out. The next shawl in the pile is my latest shawl which you have been seeing over that last 2 months. The colorful shawl it the zetor scarf knit with noro kuyeron sock yarn. I love it.. I love the colors and it just about goes with everything... and the last shawl is a shawl crocheted with 100% cotton. I have to say that my favorite shawls are the lightest ones and the shawls with lots of yarn overs. (^_^)

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