Saturday, July 11, 2009

wips for the week.

Yes there is a little progress on my socks.. not much but a little. I have been knitting a row here and a row there when ever I get a minute. I had off a couple of days ago and worked on my Ishbel shawl by Ysolda. I stopped at the completion of chart A. I would like to make the lace portion a little bigger so I have to make sure I have enough yardage and how many repeats of each chart I need to complete. Today I checked out Letsknit2gether. Cat visited a yarn shop in N.J. that my son has visited a few times. She has also announced a give away if you leave a comment on that episode. Just to let you know .. I love knitting my socks toe up 2 at time magic loop method. (^_^)

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