Monday, July 27, 2009

knit, spin.. sweat..0.0

Yes I do still knit hahah. I have been knitting a row here and there on all my projects. I'm now on chart C on my Ishbel shawl.

When I get tired of knitting I spin a little. I love this roving. It's so smooth and soft 60 % merino and 20% tussah silk and I love the colorsway. I purchases this roving from Yarn Hollow on a while ago.
And of course a picture of my socks.. I'm inching my way up the leg. Now to manage the heat in Florida.. It seems everywhere I go there is some kind of problem with the air conditioning... The air in my car broke.. at DSW they adjusted the air 2 degrees warmer and at home I have to keep my air on 81 to keep the bills down.. not that it helped at all.

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