Friday, October 09, 2009

from cast on to hat in one day!!

From cast on to hat in one day.
Pattern: Thorpe
Yarn: Vannas Choice, navy
Needles: size 9.
My first choice of yarn was wool, but for some reason there is no wool in the weight that I needed in navy blue. So I had to settle for acrylic. I'm still keeping my eye out for navy blue wool in the weight needed for this pattern and if I find some I will knit it again in the wool.
The hat is for one of my online gaming friends. He recently joined the Air Force and moved to Colorado from Texas and is not used to the cold. We have been through many dungeons and have quested together... killed horrible monsters and evil twisted rulers. Saved each others lives and raised each other from the dead so many times...I told him I would knit him a hat a few weeks ago for again helping me out.. and then he went and actually bought me Aion so I could play it..!! I hope it fits and and keeps him warm. (^_^)


Yuliana said...

Simple and warm.
The pattern has been in my queue since it's debut. I really have to knit it soon.
Hope your friend like it. Please told him to send it to me if he doesn't like it :))

Bonnie said...

That was fast! I'm sure he's going to like it.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

hehe Yuliana.. he will probably wear it even if he doesn't like it just to keep warm.