Tuesday, October 13, 2009

so productive

I felt so productive yesterday. Maybe because I pulled out the knitting machine and whipped up 2 baby blankets and a baby sweater in an afternoon. All the items need finishing. The 2 blankets need a pretty crochet edging and I'm knitting the ribbed edge of the sweater by hand. The green set is for a co-worker. Her and her husband didn't want to know if the baby will be a girl or a boy so she picked light green for the nursery. The green is a more yellow green in person. The yellow blanket is for a friend of my daughters that is have a baby girl and she doesn't like pink. My daughter is going to add the crochet edging to that one. I think she is going to make some booties and a hat also. Both of these babies are going to be born in December. After I run some errands today I'm going to try to get these finished off. I already have my movies picked out for the day.

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