Thursday, October 15, 2009

so many baby knits..

So at the moment I'm making 3 baby items at the same time. I completed the body of the blanket and sweater on the knitting machine and finished the base row of the single crochet around the blanket and did as much ribbing as I could with what was left of that one ball of yarn.
Then I remembered that I really liked these little crochet baby cocoons that I saw on so I ordered the pattern and picked out some Bernat soy natural blends from my stash and started that this morning. Hopefully I can complete all the projects asap. The baby shower is on the 24th!! Besides all my projects.. all my kids and their kids will be visiting in November and we are having an early Thanksgiving while they are all here. Now I just have to find places for everyone to sleep and clean up a bit upstairs.. omy..!!

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