Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a busy day.

I had 2 days off in a row and got busy. Besides cleaning the house and hanging out with Jayden ( who is 3yrs old) I managed to spin up 2 small batts and finish the Jane Austen dress and shrug for Abby. I just have to pack it up and mail it out to her. This will be for her 4th birthday. They grow so fast .. I hope it fits her. I made the size 4. I was really pleased that I was able to find fabric that matches pretty close to both yarns. Usually I pick out the yarn and the fabric at the same time. This time I bought the yarn online at and used up some from stash.. so the dress was almost finished when I picked out the fabric. Even the buttons match!!
Yesterday I watched Jayden outside and did some spinning. I spun 4 little batts that I had carded on my drum carder and were sitting around. I spun both as singles. Each has about 120 yards +. The yarn that is still on the wheel is natural wool with a little dark grey and brown and some angelina . I think this is a fingering weight. I haven't counted the wraps per inch yet. The darker yarn is a fun skein. It's charcoal superwash... so soft... to which I added recycled soda bottle fiber and silver angelina. After setting the twist it puffed up a little. It's 12 wpi. I'm nameing it Oreo. I'm going going to post Oreo in my etsy shop. I think It would make a fancy little neck warm or maybe use it to compliment another yarn. It will surely add some interest to a project.
The last picture is of a batt I just purchased on at OnTheRound. It is beautifully colored and soft and very puffy. Not too sure how I want to spin it yet. Maybe it will become some sock yarn. I just like looking at it for now.


CT said...

Stop it! You torture me! I am so curious to try recycled bottle yarn!!! And the rest! They look so awesome!!!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

haha you should try it CT .. it's very soft.

Alice said...

Ahh! That dress/shrug combo is just too dang cute!