Friday, April 30, 2010

new stash!!

I decided to treat myself to some new yarn and and a pretty fiber batt. Look at all the colors in that batt and in the middle, sandwiched in between the beautiful colors is a whole lot of dark blue mylar. It's so glittery. I bought this on from Ontheround. The seller sent a piece of chocolate along with the batt. yum. Yes there is Jayden... he keeps telling me he can spin. hehe. I think I'm going to spin this as a fingering weight single. I know most people spin this type of batt thicker and plyed but I like how it's spinning as a fingering yarn. I'm also tearing off strips of color rather than blending them together. Maybe some day this yarn will be a shawl.

I have a few shawls in my queue that I would like to knit and I wanted to pick out some nice yarn with the patterns in mind. I saw the Noro Sekku online last night and went to the yarn shop today just to look and see what she had there. She had a nice selection of both fingering and lace yarns .. and then I saw it and my mind was made up. I like the pink, white and greens. There are more colors inside.. it will be a surprise to see what other colors come out of the middle.

This pretty skein I also bought on etsy from Purple Rose Fiber. It's 600 yards of pretty coral/pink/purple hand painted 50/50 silk merino lace weight yarn. Three of the shawls on my queue are 1. Gail.. it calls for 437 yards of fingering yarn. 2. Haruni shawl. This one calls 480 yards of fingering yarn. 3. Trefoil.. This shawl calls for somewhere around 460 yards of lace yarn. Not sure which yarn I will use for which shawl and not sure which shawl I will knit next. I'm waiting for one more lace yarn to come in the mail. Then I will make my decision. I think I will be very busy for quite a few months in a very pleasant way.

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Bonnie said...

All three shawls are beautiful - it will be fun to see which one you make and which yarn!