Saturday, April 24, 2010

some fluffy stuff

I was playing with some fluffy stuff the other day and made 4 small batts. Jayden was helping me and telling me what to put in them. He likes turning the handle. Jayden calls angelina stars. He's asking me right now if we can add stars to the batts. He's patiently waiting for me to finish blogging so we can make batts. He even cleaned up all his toys. Pretty good for a 3 year old. The natural batt has is loaded with tencel and silver angelina and the yellow one has loads of bamboo and tencel. Every morning now he asks me if he can help me make batts today. hehe
I have decided that I'm not going to dye my batts. I'll either get pre dyed fiber or just go natural. Most dyes are pretty toxic and I don't want any of the powders to float in the air with my grandson here. Also my daughter is in the early stages of pregnancy and you can never be too careful. These batts and others will be on sale in my etsy store. The Hobo Knit shop. (^_^)

My knitting progress of the week. I'm knitting the Jane Austen Dress from the Mason-Dixon knitting outside the lines book. I finished the dress top the other day and started on the little cordinating shrug 2 days ago. Yesterday we went to Joanns fabrics and I was actually able to find fabric to go with both of the yarns I'm using. I used elann Camila for the yellow top and Rowan cotton glace for the little shrug. The shrug was knit in a dark car and when I got home I noticed that I had picked up a stitch in the middle some how and ripped back about 2 inchs. Note to self do not knit in a dark car or after 2 margaritas. Sometimes I do not know how I make it through a project. 0.0


Ilix said...

Awww, I love that your little guy is making up his own language for working with you! He will so remember this time with Mom.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

llix.. Jayden is my grandson.. (^_^)