Thursday, September 08, 2011

paint & knit..paint & knit

              Lately I have been feeling more like painting on my days off. It's proving to be very relaxing. I used to paint quite a bit but started knitting more than anything else. It's nice to split up my time between the two. My newest project was repainting an antique cabinet in my breakfast room. Years ago my daughter had painted a mermaid on it and I think it was time for a make over. I have lots of photos of the mermaid so nothing will be lost. I wanted a little more updated look. We are planing on purchasing a new table and chairs in the very near future and I was thinking  white wood chairs with a black table with some solid white dishes. I think the over all effect will be pretty. I also added faux marble to the top. All that is left is a coat of varnish.
 As you can see my Diamond Rib Lace shrug is on the last few rows. After I varnish the cabinet today I plan to finish the ribbing on the last armhole and then wash and block it so I will be able to wear it this week to work over some pretty tank tops. Like most jobs in the area sleeveless shirts are not in dress code.
 This is the change of seasons in the retail business and every week now we are getting new inventory for early fall. This strange looking shoe just came in at work and I tried it on. It's not my size but you get the idea. It reminds me of something from the 1920's.

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