Monday, November 14, 2011


 Working at a shoe store has its benefits. I was doing mark downs last night at work and this hand bag was marked down 50% and I had wanted it because  it matches my boots. It's a Poppy Jones which is our brand. The scarf was marked down too and I liked it since it first came into the store..They are both now mine at great prices!!
The last 2 weeks have been a little rough. The whole family got sick with a nasty cold that turned into a cough.. while sick I had jury duty and work plus a lot of early hours after a lot of late or closing hours. So you can say I have been pretty miserable lately. It was nice to treat myself a little.
 Slowly the holiday knitting is creeping along. I have 7 lacy center squares finished on the entrelac scarf and my goal is to finish 11 total. If I work on this every day it will be finished in 4 days.  Yay!! The yarn took another turn to the dark side but right after this dark section there are some brighter colors. I love this scarf and knitting it is really fun. I would like to make another with different yarn in the future. 

I started out working on two project at a time and then somehow I ended up working on four.  Ticking them off... 1. entrelac scarf, 2. cabled cowl, 3. crochet kitty scarf, 4. another machine knit lacy scarf. I better get knitting there is still a pile of projects left to get through!!

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