Tuesday, November 08, 2011

so speedy!!

 My machine knit lacy scarf is finished already. This was just a fun and fast project to knit. The finished scarf came out a little too long so I ripped out about 10" which makes it about 70" long. It hasn't been washed yet so these pictures are right off the knitting machine. The pattern is my own ( here ) and the yarn is bernat mosaic. For an acrylic yarn it is pretty soft and had the feel of cotton. I like the yarn and pattern combo. I think I might make a few of these scarves as Christmas gifts. I was also thinking of adding little pom poms to each end.. not sure about it yet.
 My son-in-law baked this super duper chocolate cake from scratch. It has homemade marshmallow filling.. it was so rich I couldn't even finish a small slice.
 The sun looked like gold when I took this picture. Time for the beautiful fall and winter sunsets we get in Florida.

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