Thursday, November 10, 2011

holiday knitting underway!!

 I have been attacking my holiday knitting pile lately. I whipped up another scarf on the knitting machine yesterday. This one is an alpaca blend and the scarf turned out very light and silky. There is enough yarn left over to make another scarf exactly the same and maybe a small set of wrist warmers. 
I actually worked on the cabled cowl a couple of days ago while watching a few good movies. One of the movies was The Trip and for some reason I really enjoyed it. The movie was pretty mellow with lots of silly banter. Maybe that's why.
Today I had jury duty and needed a project I could work on in the court house. They are very strict as far as what you can bring into the building. Even more so then the airlines. So I chose a project that I could use a little plastic crochet hook. The hook was clear and it actually broke when I was trying to break my yarn. (no scissors or nail clippers)  Then all that was left was the little hook tip but I was able to work with it. At this stage this project looks a little weird but some day it will be a cute little kitty scarf.
 Yesterday was my son's birthday. I haven't been able to visit with him in over 5 years and for 3 of those years we couldn't find him. Well about a month ago we found him walking in town and have resolved some issues from the past and are now trying to renew our relationship. Yesterday was the first day we went out together and one stop was the bookstore where we both found books we liked for only $1 each. We giggled all the way to the car. (^_^)


Delusional Knitter said...

Wow, that knitting machine sure is fast!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

D-knitter.. the knitting machine is super fast. In fact my little brain is thinking up how to get more holiday knitting completed with it.

Tina said...

Beautiful scarf! Do you happen to have a pattern for it?